Why Moses is Fake

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Many things floating around the empire of Alexander the Great made their way into the Septuagint, that is the book the emperor ordered to be published. Their history and the job is mostly fictional, however, as they took stories from everywhere and libraries to compile it. It was known as the’Septuagint’ which means’seventy men’.

Alexander aimed to unite the people of the empire under a single religion and language so that they were compliant with each other. The overriding of one’s civilization for the sake of religious unity has been practiced for centuries.

Kings were interested in power and control as their main objectives. Their carefully chosen nobles served their aspirations and were rewarded accordingly. They discovered that faith cements people in a way that nothing else can.

Moses was a fictional character born of the reflection of sunlight in water. Many things about the story of how he had been secretly raised in the palace by a princess and then became a trusted citizen of Egypt with an ear to the Pharaoh is a trick. Magic is the product of deception and a fantastic story is based on that format.

In the days when this was supposed to have happened people were extremely superstitious and they thought in the sun as their chief god. The religions created of it have their roots in Babylon where the sun-star, Mary, was Mother God. People went to the mountain peaks to view the gorgeous star formed when light dispersed through a hole in sunrise. From the picture they copied the symbols and read the law.

The key symbols were the right-angled cross that is often depicted in the circle. This symbol points the way to mountain peaks on every inhabited continent. This type of summit was’Sin-a-I’ which means’sun’s powerful eye’. The name of the star was’Ma-r-y’ from’mommy’s powerful eye’ and Mary was appointed as the Mother of God by Constantine who established the Catholic faith based on that of Islam, the religion of Babylon.

‘Sun’ can also be’son’,’sin’,’san’ and’sen’, from which comes a varieties of terms used in modern speech and associated with’saints’,’male offspring’, and’sen-t’ or’sun’s cross’ is the way guys were’sent’ to’marry’ Mary. The halo around the heads of so-called saints and holy figures is a representation of their ascent to heaven and transformation into a’sun’ or light in the night sky.

The name’Moses’ comes from am -o-s-I-s’ or more likely from’m-o-s’ which means’mother’s circle of light’. It gave the name’moss’ into the rainbow in the water spray of items like water-falls and the plants that grew there were named after it.

He spiritual children who belong to God need no written laws as they’re connected and the power leads and guides them. Kings and their cohorts have no concept of spirituality and they had a way to pass laws to make people conform to their ways. The legislation supposedly given to Moses were intended for that purpose.

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